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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the work guaranteed?
Yes, we offer a 10 year application and 10 year product working life guarantee
Is the applied product maintenance free?
Yes, there is no further annual maintenance to be done once application is complete. Unlike other waterproofing methods which require annual and bi annual repainting of silver painting to uphold guarantees.
What if another contractor installs aircon units or roofing repairs and damages the Polyurethane waterproofing?
Due to the seamless application nature of Polyurethane we can complete a simple touch up around pipes and electrical wiring without compromising the waterproofing.
What colours are available?
The final coat colours are terracotta, white or light grey.
Is the Polyurethane UV resistant?
Yes, all applied products are UV resistant and will not perish or delaminate over time like torch-on or other bitumen applied products.
Does Polyurethane expand and contract with the different expansion and contraction properties between brick/plaster and steel roof structures?
Yes, Polyurethane expands and contracts like an elastic band and will not delaminate or perforate.
Are the application staff trained?
Yes, all our staff have been through extensive product knowledge and product application processes for all the various types of applications as per the product specifications.
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