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Waterproof Solutions restores your peace of mind with our seamless Polyurethane waterproofing systems for all your requirements.

Our experienced crews specialize in residential, industrial, agricultural and commercial waterproofing. We offer a full line of waterproofing services and product applications to our customers in Somerset West, Strand, Gordons Bay, Stellenbosch, and surrounding areas.

With our detailed and professional assessment and installation techniques, we can help you identify the correct products and applications you will need in order to get your job done right, on time and on budget.

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Waterproofing by Professionals - Waterproof Solutions
Waterproofing a Roof

Cape Town

Water ingress issues were assessed, all preparation, membrane and priming work completed to flat roof areas, box gutters, parapet walls and skylights.

A 3 coat Polyurethane waterproofing system was used to encapsulate targeted areas and all water ingress resolved.
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